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  Our QC Process    

Production of Synergy label sets includes a built-in series of 10 consecutive quality assurance stages, each multi-staged on its own and independent from the others, carried out in the following departments:

A. Quality assurance in the material production department:

Material control: raw materials (label material, glue, and silicone backing) are checked according to the Synergy B72 standard. A sample from each batch (manufacture series) is saved in the company’s labs for 7 years.

Process control to assure product uniformity: material quality is monitored throughout the production line with mechanized control means to ensure uniformity of the product.

B. Quality assurance in the label production department:

Documentation and control of production batches received from the material production department. The production department verifies the type of material and its components comply with Synergy B72 standards.

Process control to verify the cutting quality: manual and mechanized quality assurance is done on the labels’ edges to verify cutting quality.

Manual control verifies cleanliness of rolls from production leftovers using air pressure.

Destruction of rolls incompatible with manufacture standards: the stringent quality control measures do not allow a damaged roll to pass to the next production stage; each roll passes to the next stage only when it supplied as a whole, without having been patched. A roll torn for any reason during production is destroyed completely.

C. Control of the printing process:

Cleanliness of rolls is rechecked prior to printing. Printing quality checks by a verifier – readability and print quality, in compliance with the highest standards (“A” quality) is maintained.
Destruction of rolls incompatible with standards: in case the label set does not pass the print quality control or if it is not whole, damaged or torn for any reason, the roll is destroyed completely.

D. Independent, multi-stage quality assurance in the Quality Control department prior to supply:

Done by Synergy’s Chief Engineer, who carries out final quality checks and verifies the final products is up to the standards of each of the quality control stages, carried out in the different departments throughout production.

Quality control checks the following parameters:

Checking the verifier printout attached to each roll, ensuring “A” quality printing and readability.

Durability of printing materials to substances and environmental conditions, which might have a bearing on print quality.

Location of print on the label’s faces, ensuring maximum readability.

Lack of flaws and complete condition of product.

Consecutiveness of serial numbers and lack of double enumeration.

Detailed checks verifying barcode number content.

Detailed Syn-tech software checks, comparing barcode contents with the barcode files determined by the client.

Documentation of quality control results on digital media, supplied with the label packages.

Stamping with a quality control “passed” sticker on each roll and each package.

Synergy Certificates ensuring the product passed all stages of quality assurance before packaging.