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Cutting edge of barcode labeling industry

Synergy Ltd. Solutions, Marketing & Development  - manufactres a range of series of the most advanced barcode labels intended for global blood banking and umbilical cord blood banking, in compliance with the ISBT-128 standards. The barcode labels series accompany the blood donation and its byproducts throughout the product’s life. 

Synergy’s label series passed stringent validation sets by the Israel Blood Bank, and were checked in research facilities in independent laboratories. The labels achieved the highest evaluation scores in main parameters when compared to similar products: Reliability of barcode content, durability and strength of label materials and the barcode print, on blood portion bags or test tubes, in extreme work conditions; ease of use, user friendliness, product lifespan and environment friendliness.

The Research and development of Synergy label series took over three years, included field research and lab tests, and was based on advanced material engineering, sophisticated production facilities and multiple stages of quality assurance. The R&D team learned all the stages of work in a label’s typical chain of utilization, and the demands of information systems and customers.
The label series are fully customizable to customers’ demands – in a pre-printed or blank form, in standard or changing sizes and made from different raw materials, as needed. Synergy can customize the label specification for the customer after characterizing his work procedures and unique needs.
Production of Synergy label sets includes a built-in series of 10 consecutive quality assurance stages, each multi-staged on its own and independent from the others, and when necessary, rolls are destroyed and production starts afresh. At the final stage of production quality control (QC) is applied according to the standards outlined in the Synergy Standard Certificate.

Our label series includes:

Synergy B72 - an advanced label series that includes :
Synergy 9 label set – a pre-printed  label set that accompanies the blood donation and its byproducts throughout the product’s life, and Synergy 7 label set - a blank label set tailored for symbolization of components tailored for laboratories. Read more

Synergy CL Series - Colorful pre-printed labels intended for easy differentiation of forms, test tubes and blood portions which necessitate a different treatment from usual work processes. Read more

Synergy UCB Series -  a set of labels tailored for work in umbilical cord blood. Read more
Synergy R72 Ink Ribbon - an ink ribbon complementing the Synergy B72 Series label set, designed specifically for use for printing on the series’ labels.Read more