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  Synergy B72    

An advanced product line for blood donation symbolization, accompanying the blood donation and its byproducts throughout the product’s life, from inception up till the final use of the blood donation. B72 Series labels are either fully or partially pre-printed.

The series includes:

Synergy 7 – a set of labels for symbolization of components, tailored for laboratories.
Synergy 9 – a set of labels for symbolization of blood donations tailored for use of the handler from the moment of donation.

Optimal scores in validation tests

When research and development of the B72 Series was finished, extensive and comparative validation tests were carried out; Synergy labels achieved the highest scores from the Israeli Blood Bank's validation tests out of  all label-makes tested.

Characteristics of Synergy B72 Series

1) Resistance in extreme conditions over a long period of time: all label components including the printing ink are resistant to cold temperatures (including deep freezing), heat, centrifuges, fluids (including blood particles) and human touch.

2) Stringent quality assurance with multiple sampling – throughout manufacturing stages – from raw material to delivery.

3) “Green” recyclable materials – perishable, environment friendly and human skin friendly materials used in production.

4) Production standard: ISO:9001

Three years of research and development

The development of the Synergy B72 Series took over three years, and was based on advanced material engineering, sophisticated production facilities and multiple stages of quality assurance. The labels were developed in according to experience gained over more than a decade in the Israeli blood bank and in compliance with the stringent standards developed by it.

The developing process included field research and lab tests, handled by an interdisciplinary team which included engineers and experts in the fields of paper and polymers. The R&D team learned all the stages of work in a label’s typical chain of utilization, and the demands of information systems and customers.

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