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  Cord Blood Systems    

Synergy developed an end-to-end application, specific for cord-blood banks to control and monitor working procedures, throughout finding the prospects, managing the blood samples or Donations in local or outsourced laboratory and storage of samples or Donations in central and decentralized fridge.

Synergy’s application is tailored for private and public cord-blood banks and includes the following modules:

Prospect Handling includes all the interactions with potential Customer or Donator, Including registration of the parturient, documentation of medical questionnaire, letter of consent and automated follow-ups for inquiring based on regulation and working procedures.

CRM moduleFull track of requests, follow-ups and with Customer or Donator, It also holds the customer ledger balance and aging debt, in case of private blood-bank and it binds the blood-samples history of the Customer or Donator.

Blood Sample or Donation Management - The Module tracks and controls blood sample processing starting the collection of blood-samples from parturient institutes, processing of blood-samples and control and monitors results in outsource laboratories and concluded when blood-sample tests are completed.
The module includes a state of the art life-cycle management of blood Sample. It is consists of a configured set of procedures of which a life-cycle is constructed. A dependency and consecutive actions can be attached to each procedure to enable a fast deployment of new working procedures, graphic illustration of a blood-sample status and progression of a testing.

Dashboard –The applications modules has tracking abilities that alert on exceptional events, based on the event, the application generates an automated task to be carried-out for a relevant user, or group of users depends on the severity and configuration. Using the dashboard a user may also re-assign a task; reprioritize it, based on profile. The Dashboard also enables to monitor and reports back to supervisor on progression and dispatch the task request on various platforms such as mail or SMS.

Fridge Management - Hold current and history locations and propose effective location for blood-samples in the main (Central) fridge, Shadow (Decentralized) fridge and outsourced fridge. The Module is also holds the fridge history of temperature and failures and binds the information with the blood-sample.

Inventory & Stock Control - enables stock threshold control of Inventory in-house and at the locations where blood-sample are granted. It also automates the manufacturing of additional blood-sample kits and provides a real-time, history and statistics of Inventory usage, kits refurbishing etc.

Fully Customized Reports Generator includes built-in, scheduled and on-demand reports for all working procedures based on the user profile. It also includes self deployed reports, based on the user level of access and privileges.

Document Management System binds all the document interaction and grants the ability view and print copies of documents, search for documents based on various criteria.

API & Interface Gateway is a highly secured interface to incoming and outgoing data. It includes built-in APIs to outsource applications that supports the life-cycle management of blood-sample, it also includes interface to world-wide blood-samples organization and partners.

Optional Modules:

Account receivable module -  includes management of private customer ledger, installment plan, customer balance, batch and online interfaces to clearance houses and banks

Billing and Statements - includes periodic billing processing, production of statements and Invoices, control of debt and triggering of collection events such overdue letters, penalty fees and producing a collection reports for collection agencies.

Web/Mobile Care is first and foremost a highly secured access to the application server based on the user profile and access authorization. The Web Care includes a set of applications deployed on mobile devices and used by field personnel, such as sales, warehouse personnel etc.  

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