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  Mission Statement    

Synergy set as its goal to continue standing at the forefront of technology in the field of barcode for blood banking, while maintaining a high level of quality assurance and service, in an effort to promise the optimal tools for preserving human life.

Synergy set for itself a goal to lead the field of information systems for umbilical cord blood banking, by tailoring its product to the specific needs of all types of umbilical cord blood banks.

The company is obligated to continue developing advanced and novel solutions in its field, while keeping in mind the market’s needs and global developments in the field of RFID.

The company’s team is obligated to maintain continual self improvement and increase the company’s efficiency, with the aim of bringing about consistent and synergetic professional development, while not losing sight of the personal growth of and fulfillment of its employees.

We see investment in human resources, side by side with continual technological development, as essential elements in the preservation of a high level of performance, to which we are obligated.

Our key values: Professionalism, creativity and customer service – stemming from a full understanding of the customer’s needs and demands, as a basis for increasing efficiency and growth