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Shimon Ben Akun - CEO

Economist and businessman, with vast experience in establishing, managing, development and marketing advancement of companies and products, in the fields of barcode, para-medicine, plastics and other fields. Shimon Ben Akun is a graduate (B.A) in economics and management, specializing in business management; expert in writing and implementing industrial business models and managing feasibility tests. Shimon Ben Akun formerly served as advisor for marketing and business development for companies in the fields of transport, human resources, commodities and other fields.As part of his duty, Shimon Ben Akun runs a vast interdisciplinary team, including development experts, medicine, technology and manufacture, while meticulously maintaining quality service, and supplying real-time solutions to the client’s demands, from the stage of customizing the product, through continual contact with the client and all the way to distribution.

Dr. Michael Ben Akun - Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Dr. Michael Ben Akun is an expert on pediatrics and emergency and trauma medicine, and serves as deputy manager of emergency pediatrics in one of Israel’s leading hospitals, a lecturer in the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine and a member of the school staff. Dr. Michael Ben Akun holds a position as a member of the Clinical Pediatrics Society and is also a member of the secretariat of the Company for Emergency Medicine – Pediatrics, and serves as a researcher and senior advisor to Hi-Tec companies in the field of medicine.
Dr. Michael Ben Akun, is part of the senior research and development team of Synergy, and a partner in specifying the meticulous standard maintained in manufacture and quality assurance, relying on his extensive and accurate knowledge of the needs of emergency medical teams, labs and medical staff. The strict medical supervision he keeps up assures uncompromised quality and a product unparalleled in its class.

David Ben Akun - Chief Engineer and Technological Manager

Holding a master degree in industrial engineering and management (M.S.C), David Ben Akun is a specialist in process control, information technology systems and risk management. David Ben Akun has vast experience developing indices, tools for risk management and quality assurance for industrial needs. For over a decade he served in a senior managerial position in the field of mechanization, logistics and quality assurance in a leading Israeli state-owned company. As part of his duty he specialized in managing a large interdisciplinary team, and worked in building and managing integrative work plans, while constantly making analyses for improvement, integration of processes, quality assurance and enforcement of organizational policy. Three years ago he joined Synergy’s managerial team, and serves as chief engineer, in charge of research and development, technology and quality assurance. In this role he implemented an independent, multi-staged quality assurance process, and developed the advanced Syn-Tech quality assurance software.

Kobi Segev - Project and Information Systems Manager

A manager of information technology and business development, Kobi Segev has vast experience in managing international integrative projects, an expert in implementing and upgrading international standards in computerized information systems in large organizations. He is a graduate (B.A) in computer science and management, and also a graduate in project management studies (P.M.I) from a Singapore institute. Kobi Segev is highly experienced in managing large-scale projects in European and Asian-Pacific countries, and an expert on developing and leading organizational work processes in international interdisciplinary teams. He worked in building information centers and organizational information systems in logistics, including storage management systems and distribution chains, as well as setting up knowledge bases and implementing CRM systems, automation, knowledge management, mediation, activation and data centers. In the field of business development, Kobi Segev specialized in implementing work processes and standards, in the fields of developing information systems, support, guidance, architecture, configuration control and quality assurance. In Synergy Segev serves as Project and Information Systems Manager, and heads the software and development team of the company.