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The continuing developments in the world of medicine generally and in the umbilical cord blood- and blood-banking fields particularly poses a consistent challenge to medical establishments and manufacturers, obligated to withstand stringent standards and constantly evolving needs.

Synergy, founded by multi-disciplinary experts in the areas of material engineering, Information Systems and Doctors, constantly strives to develop products and services adequate for the changing and strict needs of the industry.

The company’s unique fields of activity answer the advanced demands of blood banking and umbilical cord blood banking:

  • Development, manufacture and distribution of a series of novel barcode labels, developed specifically in compliance with the ISBT-128 standard.
  • Customizing and setting up specific End-to-End Information Systems for umbilical cord blood banks.
  • Marketing of peripheral products in the barcode field.

 At the basis of our world view is the understanding that advanced development, supplying reliable solutions of the highest standard, is critical; its immediate significance: conservation of human life. This concept drives a continual development in the technological sophistication of products, equipment, and the quality assurance process that the company regularly carries out.

Our core values

Outstanding Quality, professionalism and customer service: Synergy keeps up uncompromising standards of quality and professionalism, side by side with courteous service, using a multidisciplinary team, highly informed on the needs, processes and terminology of global blood banking.

Flexibility and economic use of resources: Advanced development, design and production make Synergy able to customize its products to the customer’s needs, shortening waiting-time and vastly saving on resources.

Environment friendliness: Synergy’s activity is environment-friendly. The company uses mostly perishable or recyclable materials, according to the standards of Europe and the United States.

Synergy is a member of the Israeli society for product-coding (EPC Global) and a partner in developing the next generation of product using radio frequencies (RFID).

The company's headquarters are located in the center of Israel. Synergy supplies products and services to several leading medical institutions in Israel, most prominently the Central Blood Bank of Israel (MDA), umbilical cord blood banks, labs, and others.