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  Synergy UCB    

Synergy UCB (Umbilical Cord Blood) is a label designated for umbilical cord blood banks.

 The label is fully customizable to customers’ demands – in a pre-printed or blank form, in standard or changing sizes and made from different raw materials, as needed.
The Synergy UCB set of labels is tailored for work in umbilical cord blood banks beginning at the moment of collecting the blood portion from the mother, through passage to the laboratory, long-term storage and up till use by a medical team.

Synergy can customize the label for the customer after characterizing work procedures by the company’s engineer.
The label set includes printed parameters, such as: barcode, numerator, date etc.

Label specification: The size, material and number of labels is produced according to the customer’s needs. 

Printing format complies with the ISBT 128 standard.

Synergy UCB labels passed quality assurance tests throughout the manufacturing process.

All products in the series passed strict validation tests in the Israeli blood bank.

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