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  Synergy Test    

A set of white paper labels, pre-printed in blue ink from the Synergy CL series. The label set contains dummy data, and is intended for simulations (“tests”) carried out by the computing unit of the blood bank. The set has characteristics similar to the Synergy 9 label set.

The labels include printed variables, Such as: barcode, numerator, year etc., in a printing format conforming to the ISBT 128 standard.

Synergy TEST labels allow carrying out simulations without harming ongoing procedures of blood portion maintenance. The set conforms to the ISBT 128 standard, which obligates computerized blood banking systems to carry out simulations before using new applications or changing existing ones.
Synergy TEST labels are different from Synergy 9 labels in number, color and material , and are thus easily differentiated form the labels used by the lab or the medical team in real events.

 The label set is supplied in a standard or variable form, according to the customer’s demands and they parallel the Synergy 9 labels the customer is intending to use once th computerized application is implemented.

The Synergy TEST label set passed stringent validation and multiple stages of quality assurance throughout production.