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Q: Are Synergy's labels and ink foils compatible with the bar code equipment in use at our blood bank?
A: Synergy's labels and ink foils are compatible with the equipment manufactured by the top bar code companies in the world, in use at blood banks, blood labs and hospitals worldwide.  These companies include: Zebra, Intermec, Symbol, Datamax. DLOG (Data Logic), Top Hand, Microscan and more.
Synergy has extensive knowledge in the field of materials engineering as well as capabilities for developing and producing different types of labels.  This enables the company to provide diverse solutions, tailored to the specific needs of clients and work environments.

Q: Will switching to Synergy's labels lead to savings in organizational resources?
A: Without a doubt and to a great degree.  Above and beyond the improved quality and durability of our labels compared to the competition, coupled with the personal service extended by Synergy's team of senior professionals, experience has shown that using Synergy's labels can save the organization up to tens of percentage points.  This can be explained, one on the hand, by the professional know-how of Synergy's material engineering experts and, on the other hand, by the company's cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control.  All these have led to the development of innovative products which result in shorter delivery times and a considerable decrease in production costs.
Q: Can Synergy supply the various kinds of peripheral equipment that support different information systems and bar code labels?
A: Certainly.  Synergy provides comprehensive peripheral equipment solutions, adapted to all the existing information systems and bar code labels used by the blood bank community.  The company sells printers, bar code scanners, and designated software that are produced by top and renowned manufacturers, among them: Zebra, Intermec, Symbol, Datamax, and others.

Q: What are the differences between Synergy 7 and Synergy 9 labels?
A: Synergy's Series 7 labels are blank labels and are designed for on-demand printing at blood component coding labs.  The Synergy Series 9 labels are pre-printed and intended for use starting at the donation stage and throughout the entire duration of the product's lifespan.
Both series can be acquired in a pre-printed and a blank format, in addition to varying degrees of thickness.

Q: Can the history of each shipment's production batch be traced?
A: Samples from every shipment's production batch supplied by Synergy are kept for at least 7 years, stored under rigid laboratory conditions.

Q: What are the colored labels used for?
A: The colored labels are used by blood banks for discriminating and differential identification of forms, test tubes, blood bags and samples that need to be handled separately from the routine work processes.  They are also used for conducting simulations prior to introducing a new application or modifying an existing one.

Q: What is the EPC Global - Israel coding association that you belong to?
A: EPC Global (Electronic Product Code) is a national steering committee that promotes bar coding and RFID in Israel.  The association is engaged in setting industry standards and promoting new developments in these disciplines.  Association members include engineers specializing in information systems, communications and electronics engineers, systems analysts, and bar coding and RFID development leaders, who serve as representatives on behalf of government institutions and prominent private companies.